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How To Write A Link Bait Article

Most people think “How can I write a good link baiting headline?” That is a good and valid question which you should be asking yourself every time you write a headline.

Think about this though: Once the person has clicked on your link … now what? Of course if you linked them to a sales letter then it’s obvious. But if you’re like me and most of what you write is articles, reports and blog posts then your goal is to drive traffic. And the only way to drive traffic is to have very good link baity text and links.

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Customer Service Means Customer Loyalty

Do you know why companies spend thousands and millions on customer service each year? Let me tell you the cold hard truth: no matter whether the business is large or small, it’s not that they love you and want to fulfil your every need it’s that they want your money.

The best way to have a customer come back time and time again is to give them an experience they will never forget (in a good way). This means great customer service.

But there is a caveat to this universal law: it also works in reverse. If you screw a loyal customer, who might also happen to be a supplier of yours, you’ll end up shafted.

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Need Content Ideas For #Blog30?

The #Blog30 challenge just started at full steam and yet it’s still gaining momentum! But every good train needs fuel! It’s not always easy to come up with great post worthy ideas. Fear not, you are in good hands with Blog30. But if you already aren’t part of #Blog30 Challenge click here to find out […]

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Automatically Tweet When You Make A WordPress Blog Post

There are so many social media ‘things’ we have to manage these days that it can be rather tiresome and painful JUST to get one message out to everyone. Well, when you make a blog post now you won’t have to suffer as much because there is a easy way to have your blog automatically […]

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