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Chrome is great in many ways, but it also¬†severely¬†lacks in features. Now don’t get me wrong. Chrome pioneered in many new features. BUT Firefox beat’s Chrome without breaking a sweat in the plugins/extensions department. As we all know, Extensions can (and do) add A LOT of needed (and some not) functionality to the browser.

The biggest issue is that Google’s Chrome isn’t mature yet, not as much as Firefox, and some people are reluctant to port their old Firefox plugins to Chrome. Other’s who have ported their plugins, haven’t been able to do it completely. For a variety of reasons, some plugins just aren’t as good in Chrome as in FF.

That being said, I found a nice list of plugins (many far from the standard list of ‘top chrome extensions’) that (mostly) complete the Chrome functionality list.

Update: Looking for the best MegaUpload & RapidShare Chrome Extensions (plugins)? You’re in luck! Click here!

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Since the inception of Firefox, it has been (more or less) the defacto standard browser for a wide array of corporations, groups and people. It quickly rose to be the dominant browser due to it’s open source nature, it’s speed and it’s ability to properly display a web page. There are plenty of other reasons (like it is/was much more secure than IE6 … no clue how it stacks up to IE8 though), but one of the most important reasons was it’s add-ons/extensions.

The ever benevolent (as benevolent as any rich and powerful US corporation could be … which isn’t much) Google announced, a while back, it’s plans to create a browser. Rumor upon rumor spread and eventually it was actually released. And it did surprisingly well.

As of this writing Google Chrome is up to version 5.0.375.99 in the Beta (or so). It’s based off of the Chromium project which is open source, while Google Chrome isn’t technically 100% open source. Either way, it’s a extremely fast and powerful browser which makes headway each and every month.

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Have you ever commented on a blog, clicked submit and then … nothing. The blog reloaded to the exact same page yet there is no text, no nothing, telling you if your comment went through? Don’t you just hate that?

Well that’s what today’s article is about. A huge pet peeve of mine and smack anyone upside their head who has a blog like that. This goes back to my user interface designing days.

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I am a big fan of the Disqus comment system. I even had it installed for a while! I love practically everything about it.

It has a great anti-spam feature. Probably the best around, even better than Akismet! It looks beautiful and it’s extremely functional for commenters. Barely any setup on your part either! It really is that cool.

But … even though I can give it a 9/10 awesome rating in just about every area I still had to uninstall and remove it. Here’s why.

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Integrate Google Buzz With Your WordPress Blog With Plugins And Widgets Everyone is raving about the new Google Buzz. Alright, maybe not everyone. Though if you are interested in it and want to know how to integrate Buzz in the best possible way into your WordPress blog read on.

As it currently stands, there is no direct way to Buzz something. There are a few workarounds such as the Google Buzz Button and WP Google-buzz, both of which are very good solutions. Though each has it’s own ups and downs.

The best, and most productive, way to integrate Buzz into your WP Blog is to use a plugin called WPBuzzer. Why? Because it has styling options, size options and even integration!

When you use the integration you are able to track how many people Buzz about your topic (just like on Mashable). How cool is that?

But what if you also want to display your Buzz to the public’s prying eyes, you will need Google Buzz ER. Google Buzz ER gives you a awesome widget to use with WP. It can go anywhere a widget can go. Once you install it, under the admin menu go to Appearance -> Widgets and place it in your sidebar.

To wrap up, you’ll need two plugins for maximum effect:

  • WPBuzzer
  • Google Buzz ER

Both of them can be installed from inside of WordPress by going to Plugins -> Add New and search for “WPBuzzer” and then “Google Buzz ER”. Both searches, you will want the first result with the same names. Good luck.

If you have any other great Google Buzz plugins for WP, let us know in the comments.

Original plugin list from Mashable.